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Scrap Polymer Clay Tutorial

This tutorial isn't going to revolutionize the claying world. I'm not even entirely sure it qualifies as a tutorial per se; it's essentially a simple little design tweak I use whenever I have scrap Skinner blend pieces or cane ends.

In short: gather scrap clay in various colours and scrunch them together. You're aiming for medium sized 'blocks' of colour, as these work best, so break up or cut and re-assemble the clay until you're happy with it, then work it into your desired shape and pierce a stringing hole.

Roll a very thin snake of black clay; the thinner, the better (or just use an extruder like a sensible person. I.E. not me)

Using the thin string of black, outline all the boundaries between the different colours, nudging the clay string gently so it conforms to the pattern of the bead. Where the clay colours are starting to blend, pick the most interesting path to follow.

Place a piece of baking paper around the bead and gently press the black lines into the bead to make sure they're adhered properly.

Bake bead.

Sand bead.

Glaze bead.

Go do something else.

scrap clay

(Click the picture to get a bigger size.)