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When I first started making polymer clay buttons, I used to diligently measure the diameter of each button size, divide it into four, and then pierce the button holes at the two middle points. It wasn’t always perfect though, because my buttons sizes aren’t easily divisible by four, so I wanted to come up with a different way.

Ta-da! This is what I did:

I’m sure you’re all aghast with amazement (that look on your faces *is* amazement at my genius, right? I always get ‘amazement’ and ‘pity’ confused.)
Basically, I bend quite heavy duty wire around the test buttons so it spans the diameter:
Then I bend another piece of wire to the width I want the holes, using my flat-nose pliers.
I measure the first piece of wire, and wire-wrap the smaller piece onto the middle with thin ( wire.
Voila! Now you press it onto your uncured buttons and you get nice, evenly spaced holes.
If you’re good with wire-wrapping (um, unlike me) you can repeat step one and bind that onto your button-hole maker at right angles to the first large bar so that it is genuinely evenly spaced in every direction. (see below)
I’m sure there are lots of easier, better, and less stupid-looking ways to do what I’ve done, but hey – can you photoshop googly eyes on those ways and make a cute spider? Can you?

Just a few signs that you probably think too much about polymer clay:

You snap your glasses and try to mend the bridge with a snake of metallic gold polymer clay before it occurs to you to get them mended at, y’know, the opticians.

You catch sight of your latest blue-to-purple Skinner blend and your immediate thought is, “That is so sexy…”

You condition polymer clay in one hand while you’re reading/watching TV/eating/in the bath (okay, I’ve never done that last one).

You pick up a magazine you haven’t read for 3 months, and find an actual skinner blend tucked between the pages (sidenote: you wouldn’t believe how much plasticizer had leeched off into the paper!)

Other signs of Polymer Clay Addiction


Hey, I got post today! I’m aware that sounds dull, but when you don’t get any for a while you start to miss it.

My copy of Beads and Beyond came through, and with it, my first appearance in a magazine. That’s actually a giant over-statement: my polymer clay beads, on sale at Big Bead, Little Bead appeared on the B&B Twenty to Make feature as part of an earring pair, but regardless, I was unreasonably pleased!

(They’re number 14 of the Feb 2010 Issue if anyone has a copy)


I’m trying to overcome the urge to unboast right about now, and to do the stereotypically British thing of critizing myself. It’s a hard habit to break, but I have to think of it as marketing :)

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