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Recently I’ve been on the lookout for ways to package items with less waste – I already recycle jiffy mailers when I can* and snatch up any card or bubble wrap that enters the house, to re-use in my parcels. But I wanted to find some sources for actual recycled papers, business supplies, and other items. I haven’t used any of these places yet, so I can’t vouch for their service/quality, but I thought sharing them here might help out anyone looking for similar products (UK based).

To see previous resource posts, click here for ‘ethical’ supplies and here for vegan craft items

Green Stationary: - stationary that is bio-degradable or recycled in some way, as well as ‘green’ office supplies like recycled printer cartridges and catering packaging.

Recycled Paper Supplies: -  card-making, wrapping, paper, and packaging that is recyclable, and mostly recycled.

Eco-craft: - yay, an eco-crafts site. Papers, cards and display bags. (Now all we need is an all vegan craft site)

Tiny Box Company: - already well-known, but they do a great range of jewellery, cupcake, and gift boxes in recycled cards (I *have* bought their boxes before, and they were great)

Eco-topia: - as well as a wide array of paper and business supplies, they carry eco-friendly gifts like mouse mats made out of juice cartons, and various cool-looking gadgets.

*i.e. when I haven’t ripped them open down the middle in haste. Ooops.


Again, a work in progress, but I wanted somewhere to list all the more fairly traded and ‘ethical’ options in jewellery making (the minefield around those two descriptions is vast and treacherous, but I hope this helps a tiny bit for finding things!) If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Sidebar: I’ve included places that have some non-vegan items, simply because it’s difficult to find supplies from purely vegan places. As far as I know, the Vegan Bead Shop has yet to open :D

Bamba Beads: This online UK store sells vegetable ivory beads, recycled glass beads, and coconut and seed beads (there’re also some very non-vegan things there, but that’s true of a lot of places).

Happy Mango Beads: An American shop with a multitude of fair-trade, recycled or plant-based beads.

Bead Voodoo: UK-based. A selection of coconut, nut, and seed beads.

Shiana: Sells fair-trade Karen Hill Tribe Thai silver from the US.

Bead Addict: They have a selection of Jabulanil fair-trade beads (supporting African workers) – the link takes you directly to those beads. Based in the UK.

The Place to Bead: A UK source for fair-trade Thai Karen silver.

Hill Tribe Silver: Another UK-based source, with an extensive choice of fair-trade Thai Silver beads and components

Quality Craft Supplies: From the US, environmentally friendly paper products, and recycled silver wire.

Note: these aren’t endorsements!

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