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Well, Sunday Browsing has been and gone without a post; what with various things, it’ll be going on hiatus for a while, although I’ll probably still highlight an item or shop if I stumble across it :)

Other types of blog posts aren’t going anywhere however, you’ll all be extremely happy to find out *G*

Edit: or maybe I’ll just make Sunday Browsing posts shorter…finding as many as I was doing was taking too much time. So, a bit of a break, and then it’ll start up again. I’m sure you’re all happy about this too *G*


Today is Holiday Decoration Sunday Browsing – a selection of handmade ornaments that I’d love to see around the house (even though I’ve already decorated…did that on the 1st *G*)

Firstly, an upcycled ornament from twistedbeading, made from found metals. I’ve heard the phrase ‘rustic charm’ thrown around a lot by people who know *things* about home decor…well, this is my idea of rustic charm:

I’m still not quite sure what a gourd is (apparently there are banana versions?) but gourdsadored makes brilliantly quirky snowpeople from them, so you have to admire their versatility:

The colours of red and white always elicit a sugar-centered response for me, especially at the holidays; together they just scream ‘candy’ (and then afterwards they scream ‘unbearable sugar rush!!!!’), so this snowflake ornament by Mymothersgarden immediately drew my attention. Reminds me of a beautifully decorated sugar cookie *G*

Vegancraftastic has a small range of hand-sewn Christmas stockings, from non-traditional (pirates!), to this one that epitomizes the classic image of Santa Claus, featuring a pretty, contrasting trim of Christmas lights:

One of the best types of holiday decorations are those you get to eat when the tree comes down. Usually, that means candy canes, mini-chocolates that are made twice as expensive by the addition of a bit of sparkly string (ahem, sorry, some bitterness emerging there), or cookies, but PyromancerDesigns’ ornaments instead contain coffee, teas or spices, for a festive, rustic decoration that can be re-filled:

Kissadesign’s shop is such a wonderland of sparkliness that I found it difficult to pick which item to post, so I just went for the one that seemed to have an extra layer of shine; made from stiff metallic paper, these ‘sea urchins’ would look gorgeous at the top of a tree:

For a more unusual take on a Christmas tree, I like this mini wire-scupture, featuring a wire-wrapped star, crystals, and polymer clay roses, by WireArtInk. The texture of the wire just really lends itself to the springiness of fir trees:

And finally, a cute eco-felt (from plastic, not animals) snowflake, in a subtle light blue and white colourway, that looks both delicate and cuddly. Whatnomints has several of this type of upcycled or ‘green’ decorations, including adorable Christmas trees, and some awesomely geeky amoeba:


Today’s edition is on the theme of ‘cuppas’ – all things related to tea and coffee, and having a good sit down in the afternoon.

Edit: Heh, I’ve just noticed my Sunday Browsing post is not listed on the Sunday, but a few days before, mainly because I have a set of template posts (and some ideas for Sunday Browsing topics – yes, it’s true, now sometimes I do a browse on a Friday/Saturday if my Sundays are going to be full. I found it better than missing weeks of the picks *G* Sell-out!), and accidentally published it, so it was technically not published on a Sunday. Rectified now :)

First up, you need something to drink from, right? If you’re of a refined nature, (I’m not, but I like imagining I could be) you’d probably use a teacup; this curlew cup by Birdartist radiates delicacy. One lovely detail is the way the curlew’s beak slides down into the handle:

If you tend to want as much tea or coffee as possible in one serving (yep, like me) you’d go for a mug. There are tons of fantastic handmade mugs on Etsy (which might be on a future Sunday Browsing) but for sheer fun, I chose this one by MudFairy, featuring a slightly crazed but happy pirate and his parrot. Let’s face it, with his face looking out, no-one will bother you in in your quiet tea time:

For the sugar lumps in your drink, a perfect little crock jar with a lovely forest design complete with a beautiful owl. My favourite touch is the quirky curve of the handle:

Or how about this matching pair of cream (vegan, of course) and sugar vessels by StudioElan, in a pretty and fun apple design. The bright glaze colours are immediately eye-catching, and the apple leaf handle on the jug is just adorable:

Nothing better than a cupcake with your tea or coffee, unless it’s a cupcake served on its own stand. This one by alinahayes makes something special out of tiny treat, and there’s room for three cupcakes on the server (I’d say enough for you and two friends, but let’s face it, we can all eat three cupcakes easily by ourselves):

This one is a bit of a flight of fancy for me, since there’s no way I could have a teapot as special as this, but I had to include it because it’s a simply beautiful piece of art by nancyadamsclayartist. Her shop also includes exquisite vessels and vases, as well as more teapots:

Finally, BigSkyArtworks makes a variety of ceramics for everyday use, including this brilliant piece, featuring a tiny turtle crawling from the depths of a blue bowl onto a patch of sand:


This week’s Sunday Browsing brings lampwork treats…literally. It’s food-themed glass, with a little bit of a quirky twist to some of the beads, so enjoy drooling, whether it’s over the lampwork or the yumminess :D

You how fans of lampwork drool over glass? Well, I can’t look at these lampwork chocolates by EnterTheFlame without doubly drooling; I feel like I can taste rich, creamy truffles just by staring at the details in this picture; my favourite part has to be the fine frit that serves as cocoa dusting on some of the chocolates.

From girlfriday1962, a cute take on the old cliche of pickles and ice cream for the pregnant – personally, I love how the both the sundae and the pickle are looking suspiciously and little worriedly at each other, as if they’d never expected to be in each other’s company. The added bonus is that if used for earrings, this wary look would be re-focused onto the wearer, to reconfirm their dubious cravings *G*

Juiciness and freshness seems to drip from these lovely watermelon beads by glasstastictreasures, which manage to merge a little kookiness with a lot of class – unusual, but not too ‘out there’!

Here’s a whole bakery in a bead set from cemlampwork1, including pie, cake, donuts, and a superb chocolate covered strawberry, all perfect as charms for pastry maniacs (on second thoughts, you might be wise to keep these away from maniacs of any kind…they’ll put anything in their mouths).

From the perfect crimped pastry edges, to the melty dollops of cream (non-dairy, I assume *G*), beadbrains has a talent for tiny slices of pies The detail in this lemon pie is fantastic, for example; the streakiness of the yellow glass filling mimics real lemon curd brilliantly.

Frogs and lizards perched on lampwork beads is quite the trend, but aardvarkartglass has taken it about eighteen steps further, putting these glass creatures on all sorts of junk food from lizards on Ramen Noodles, to this frog on a Twinkie (being from the UK, I’m not 100% sure what a Twinkie is, but American TV has taught me they’re food-esque cake things that will outlive everything except cockroaches in event of an apocalypse)

lampworkgarden has masses of cute sculptural beads, but my favourites are these hot foamy drinks, drizzled with caramel stringer, and rising from pretty little green and blue cups. Delicious.


A variation on previous themes; lampworked sculptural creatures, therefore, also tiny animals!

LandSArts is famous for her beautiful rendition of lampwork animals and ethereal fairies of all types, and that isn’t a shock when you look at a piece such as her Arabian Knight pendant; I adore the way she’s represented and heightened the delicate curve in the neck distinctive to Arab horses, as well as the curious expression on his/her face
The first thing I thought when I saw SUZANNEGLASS’s boro dolphin was how it seems like the colours and properties of boro glass give the effect of the sea and brightly coloured sea plants are reflected within him/her. That’s a pretentious way of saying there’s a fabulous rainbow running through.  
glassroger has such an incredible array of stunnning sea creatures in his Etsy that I couldn’t decide which to show; so I picked none of them, and went for this gorgeous pair of swan beads worked in soft pink. Look at that clever extra touch added by photographing them on a dark reflective surface; there they go, swimming towards each other,
Greg’s a slug. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be fabulous. In fact, he’s so fabulous he has a cubic zirconia embedded in his back half.
Certainly explains why his eyes are so bugged-out. 
(Seriously, genschi’s lampwork slug is one of the cuddliest glass beads I’ve ever seen) 
Good grief. Geminiglassworks’ turtles are so adorable that you can’t look directly at them, lest you be blinded by dazzling cuteness.
Hang on though – TGBeads’ little bear might just challenge the last pick for OMGCUTENESS!!!111!! (I got a Distinction in Fan Speak from the anime fandom)
I can’t stop clicking on the link to look at him. He’s tiny and perfect and looks like he needs a friend.

Geeky Etsy picks are, like my Tiny things, a theme on which I could do many, many Sunday Browsing posts. There is such a deep mine of items which  that I had to really rein myself in *G* Technically, maths and science are not a part of my geekiness (yes, there are other types) but they still give me a little geeky shiver of joy whenever I see handmade items with this theme.
A beautiful copper cuff byKarlaWheelerDesign is the first pick. Sadly, I’m not a very good geek when it comes to binary (I’m not personally a maths geek, but I appreciate it), so I’ve had to rely on the translation given, which is the utterly brilliant “I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.”
This is just so romantic; a ring that expresses love in binary code. Handcrafted in textured sterling silver, a pair of idlehandsdesigns’ rings would be fitting for a handmade, techie wedding:

Six mini-pi soaps from bubblegenius; you can put one in every bathroom and still have some spare (unless you have more than five bathrooms for some reason, you rich and/or bathroom obsessed person). Needless to say (though I’m saying it anyway) they’re vegan, and come in scents like key lime, and cherry:

Another math/physics piece which I’m ashamed to say I need an explanation to fully get. But the fact that it’s an artistic expression of Pi, both beautiful and symbolic, really makes it something I love. The fact that holmescraft’s has done lovely wire-wrapping in my favourite colours is a definite plus:

I’ve lost track of whether uncool is still cool, or if it’s gone right back around to being uncool again. Whatever; being ironic about liking something isn’t really my style *G* But I do love the sentiment behind this great little canvas by ShopGibberish:

Since it’s Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK, I’m doing a Sunday Browsing edition in its honour. The buzzword? ‘Rain’ (You might have to be British to appreciate the connection)

I’m strangely drawn to gourd art. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the idea of making art from a vegetable that appeals to me. Regardless, the gourd on the left by TheLandofHonahLee is adorable in his resigned grumpiness:

MichelleProsek makes a lot of lovely glass pieces, but I was particularly taken with her ‘Rain’ series, where a handmade fused tile takes on another dimension with blown glass elements:

I imagine you have to have some pretty strong tools to make concrete into jewellery, but that’s DrCraze’s speciality. The silver grey inclusion in the raw material add to the ‘cloud’ texture and colouring in this really pretty pendant:

This necklace by lulubugjewelry immediately caught my eye with fabulous combination of bright blue beads enclosed within a fine silver raindrop; I love the way the blue twinkles inside the silver:
I confess, I’ve never heard of a rain chain before, but this one by TwistsOnWire is beautiful, and I can certainly imagine how lovely raindrops would look glistening on the copper and coils:

Anyone reading this knows by now that I love lampworking – whether it’s drooling over lampworked glass, or doing it myself (although that’s been given a rest for quite a while sadly). So today I’m sharing a selection of unusual beads and quirky lampworking ephemera I found while browsing Etsy (the task was made easier by searching through the ‘fhfteam 2010′ tagged listing – a team I joined which is devoted to glassy goodness ;) )

Violet – Sweet Glass Lady by OneHeartArt

I love lampwork goddess beads, but a part of me finds it a little disturbing that there’s a possible subtext behind a lot of them; the symbol of ‘woman’ reduced to her most stereotypically ‘female’ parts. Where are their heads, their hands, their faces, everything that makes them a person? Anyway, that’s a bit too thinky; my point was, this glass lady by OneHeartArt is interesting because she looks more like a person. Plus, on a more aesthetic level, the fabric effect on her coat is simply stunning:

Kiln Fairy Magnet by BruntiesBeads
Here’s an essential offering to the most fickle of creatures, the kiln fairy, made into a pretty magnet. Many lampworkers are plagued by her whims, always facing the chance that their beautifully coloured bead will be transformed into mud, or horribly cracked by the kiln fairy. Of course, the kiln fairy taketh away, but she also giveths; sometimes a bead will metamorphize into something one couldn’t have imagined:
Giggles by Pandanimal

Giggles. Brings to mind cuteness, joy, a hint of bubbly abandon? These unusual beads by Pandanimal encapsulate the idea of a ‘giggle’, as cheery and bright as they are. They were made during a ‘playday’ with glass, which means you can almost *see* the fun behind them:





Lisbeth The Schnauzer by suzoom
There’s something about the expressions in Suzoom’s animal beads that gives them an amazing sense of character; my personal favourite is this Schnauzer, but I also found a gorgeous orca, cute cats, and a roadrunner in her collection!
Vial Lavender Glass Bead  by LavenderBeads

If you’ve ever read a business article, you’ll know that finding a niche is one of the keys to success. Well, LavenderBeads on Etsy has found a niche, cornered it, captured it, and made it work for her! There’s a cornucopia of beautiful glass lavender flower in all stages of growth, some beads, some vials, like these pictured:

I could have kept going on this theme, but I’ll save some for another time *G*

And finally, if you haven’t entered my giveaway yet there’s still time!


Confession: I’m a sucker for tiny objects, or miniatures. I think there’s something fascinating about a piece you can hold in your had, but that still encapsulates the essence of its full-size brethren. (In other words – aw, cute!)

Kenya Vessel by Beaujolais Beads

For instance, this lampwork creation by Beaujolais Beads. The colours used and its lovely curves lend it an air of ancient Grecian drinking vessel in miniature; I’d love to see it hung from some golden ribbon, or matched with green semi-precious stones.

Edinburgh Police Box by Flycheesetoastie

Or this: that’s right, it’s a tiny glass Tardis (or an Edinburgh police box - but possessing a miniature Tardis is so much cooler). Flyingchessetoastie kiln cast this, and other tiny things, from lead crystal:

Saddled Pony by VibrantPony

Isn’t this pony by VibrantPony adorable? He’s got a vaguely worried yet hopeful expression on his face that makes me want to stroke his tiny neck and reassure him that everything’s okay:

Skinny Stone House by RachelsThings
I’d love to live in one of RachelsThings precious metal clay houses. They’re the sort of buildings you’d expect to see illustrating a book for children – a little bit whimsical and Seussian (apparently that’s the word used by Dr. Seuss marketers…ah, the things you learn from food challenge shows). This one brings to mind an old mill building:
Bottle Earrigns by Starfirewire
Starfirewire has a variety of ‘bottle’ earrings, all filled with tiny treasures like cookies or sugar sprinkles, but my favourite is Emily’s Love Letters. The little letters are so made so skillfully that you want to try to open the bottles just to see what words are written there (or maybe I’m just nosy):

PS – have you entered the Bead Giveaway yet?


This week I spent a bit of time looking through the shops of my Veganetsy Team-members – it’s an easy way for me to find cool things that I know are vegan.
First off is one of ThisIsIts’ notebooks. I already own some of their paper products, but I have a weakness for pretty journals or writing pads, and this Goddess motif one is going on my wishlist.

Vegancraftastic has a selection of brightly pretty, and colourful bags; this still managed to stand out as the cheeriest and brightest!

Purples and blues are colour combinations I love at the moment, so Myzoetrope’s breezy and cute whale illustration made me smile:

Veganosaurus makes an adorable series of polymer clay cyclops figures; I want to keep this one in my pocket at all times!

I love KMStitchery just for the fact that she noticed that the number of male historical revolutionaries on T-Shirts far outweighed female ones, and did something about it. She provides an awesome range of feminist focused clothing, and all made from recycled fabric too.

Ladiesblend hand stamps slogans and words (often vegan-related ones) onto jewellery and other pieces, but my favourite piece is the Tofu fork. It sounds simple, yet I love the idea of having a special fork for my tofu. Awesome. Just awesome.

Guess what VeganSoapKitchen sells :) What the name doesn’t tell you is that she makes a delicious selection of lipbalms too – I’m biased because I’m a bit addicted to my Iced Pineapple and Tangerine version.

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