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*blows dust off blog*

I have a certain amount of chat in me per month, and no more, so this poor blog has been neglected whilst I chatted elsewhere. But now it’s her turn again!

For starters, I have spent a few days making what I am calling ‘texture plates’ out of polymer clay, even though the name is much grander than the product. Basically, I take a square of scrap clay, and arrange thin clay snakes and shapes into patterns, then bake the whole piece. After sanding off the rough edges, I get a nice handmade stamp that I can use for mica shift and mokume gane.

One I made today:


And an abstract goddess stamp. I love symbolic art, but I cannot make it myself, so I was pleased with how a random curve of the clay turned into the curve of a hip. I’d call it a ‘naive’ style, in that it was intuitive, and now I can’t recreate it :D


I’m currently also working on trying to really get my photos better, having got some advice about how to do that. The above photos are pre-advice!

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