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I think this is my first ‘fandom’ related post – yep, I’m admitting it. I get ‘fannish’ about things.

Yesterday was the last ever episode of Smallville, and I watched eagerly, having managed to remain spoiler free – hence the embarassingly loud squeal when I saw Michael Rosenbaum’s name in the credits (the Lex-love never fades once you’ve caught it). Out of nostalgia, I just had to blog about it :D

If you’ve ever watched Smallville, you’ll have agood idea of what I mean when I say the finale of the series was very…Smallville. It was campy, illogical, and nonsensical, in the most adorable Smallville tradition. As I quickly discovered back when it first started, it’s a lot easier to enjoy Smallville if you make yourself forget everything that happened in previous episodes and concentrate on the incredibly pretty actors – because, hey, you may as well approach the show in the same way the writers do.

I do get the feeling that the writers got carried away and forgot that the series was ending right up until they had to write the last act of the script – hence a flurry of memory erasing (delivered through what I can only describe as some sort of mind-wiping cologne…), revelations of conveniently a identical brother to replace a deceased canon character, and a random killing. It’s almost as if DC Comics said,’ All right, you’ve had your fun messing up Superman…now put everything back how you found it jerks!

Even with myriad faults though, I got a bit verklempt when the montages of Clark saving people started; he was an ass through a lot of the series, but he really started to look and act like Superman during season 10, and putting all his heroic moments together, sans moping, whining, and Lana-pininig really cememted that. Aw. There were even a few adorable clips of Clark heroically saving Lex in particular (as well as one of Lana howling like a spider monkey…not a flattering clip), and later on a few nostalgic and sad clips of their friendship when Lex started to forget everything about Clark.

Another good point was Lois. When she first joined the cast, I was a bit underwhelmed, but when I started watching the series again in season 10, after missing a few seasons, I disocvered that she was now one of my favourite characters. Erica Durance really grabbed the role and made Lois Lane as awesome as she was always meant to be. I actually found it all kinds of adorable to see her and Clark together.

Oh, and I can’t forget that the writers gave us one last Clark/Lex scene – even when Lex is spouting hatred and blathering on about how he’s on the dark side now, he manages to spare a few smitten looks and smirks in a certain man’s direction, and to give Clark a pep talk that encourages him to have faith in himself and save the world. I don’t think Lex has really got the hang of villainy after all, despite what the writers continued to tell us endlessly.

Other things of cuteness: Chloe reading a Smallville comic! Tights and the cape! The Superman theme starting up as Clark rips open his shirt! Perry White (or his voice, anyway)! Lex is president! Frankly, the entire final 15 minutes were filled with cheesy goodness and comic shout-outs, and even with the bad-writing, rushed plotlines, and weird pacing, it made me sad to see Smallville go.


Well, that was fun – I haven’t written like this for ages, and it’s suprisingly easy to get back into the fannish way of things :D *cough* I will now retreat back into the realm of polymer clay and beadiness.

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