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A tongue-in-cheek-comparison of ‘Marketing Speak’ and ‘Reality’
What you see on the artist’s website:

The Graffiti series

Here we see myriad dichotomies assert themselves in a cacophony of symbolism; the battle between the natural, represented by soft aquatic blues, and the urban, rendered as stark, crude graffiti is played out on the surface of the bead; whilst the inherent human urge to simultaneously beautify and desecrate their surroundings comes through as we consider how the artistic savagery of these industrial, tribal scrawls is both a rebellion against the concrete confines of the city and the state, and the expression of a longing for something more aesthetically substantial, a wild, tribalistic echo of the beauty of the natural world. And in the end, we find ourselves drawn into these continual tentative states of negotiation, and discover the wildness inside us all.

What you didn’t see:

Oh boy, time to lampwork. Working on stringer work today, oh yeah. Gonna be a goooood session.
Right, I’ve got a nice flat surface on my bead, perfect for stringer work. Got my stringer, ready to go into the flame and start making stringer magic! Starting with a spiral…come on spiral…nice and round…or square, yeah, okay, we’re drawing a square instead…good, good..Whoa, slow down stringer…not so fast…phew, hands getting a bit hot…let’s draw another square now…or a rhombus, yeah, fine, making a rhombus…with a strange appendage..oh dear, I hope no-one reads anything into that shape….hands getting a lot hot…Oh my God, where’s the stringer going?! It’s melting too fast…it’s out of control…argh, argh, it’s stuck to the mandrel! Now it’s flopping around! Quick, quick, stick it back on the bead…argh, I dropped it…Oh my God, it’s in my shoe!!! It’s burning my shoe!!! Get it, get it…not with that hand, that’s the one with the molten bead on it you idiot! Put that down first!!!

Huh. Well, that went a lot better than I expected.

(extra points to you if you can comprehend that BS up there, because I sure can’t *G*)


If you look over there, you’ll see I’ve added a place to sign up for my polymer clay beads mailing list —->

A mailing list is one of those things that looks really daunting and professional to me, so I’m a bit heistant putting one up for my shop (I try to make my customer service and products as professional as I can, but compared to a big business, I feel tiny and inconsequential!)

But, there it is. —->

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