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Summer’s here in the UK (again…we had a false alarm in the beginning of June) and suddenly the sunlight has fallen on all the joys of a sunny British July. Ice lollies, wildflowers, lemonade*, little black insects that hop a ride on you when you’re outside and then invade your house.

And best of all, strawberries. Little sweet ones. Like these – remember them?

Strawberries - charms

Well, because Summer is finally here, I’m going to celebrate with my first giveaway-blog-hop-design-team-apalooza post. Five entrants will be picked at random to receive four of my strawberry charms (the sizes you receive will be randomly picked) set with antique copper findings. For free, yay!

So what do you have to do to enter? I’m so glad you asked (because otherwise I’d be talking to myself). Here are the rules:

1). Leave a comment here by the 31st July 2012. (This giveaway is open to all readers, regardless of location)


2). Post a link to this post to your blog/FB/Twitter/Pinterest account for an extra entry (one extra entry per link posted). If you do this, make sure to come back here and comment with a link so I can add your entry!


3). If you’re picked, post a picture with a description of what you did with the charms, and reveal it on the 20th August 2012 with a link to this post and the other entrants.


In case you couldn’t tell, this is my first time organizing one of these, so it will be an experiment for all of us. Let’s see how it goes!


*I only recently found out that in America, lemonade is not fizzy and clear like our lemonade, but pale yellow and flat. I always wondered how so Americans managed to make lemonade in their own homes, and I guess that explains it!


Luckily, I remembered to check back at my blog today to make sure of the end date of my little bead giveaway…and turns out, I said I’d draw today *G*

So, the first random number generated was…6! That’s Georgiebee – can you e-mail me your address please? :D Second is Amanda – you win the extra bead – again, send me your address and I’ll send it out :)


I’ve accumulated a few beads that I haven’t bothered to put on my site for one reason or another, so I’m just going to put them up for a giveaway. There’s a set of antique gold shimmery crackle beasds with litte black abstract appliques, and a carved green and gold bezel bead. And I’m throwing in his mate, who has a slight chip on one of the carvings – it actually almost looks like it’s meant to be there, but I can’t in good consience put it up for sale.

And here’s how you can get put in the hat – comment below. That’s it.
I’m not too keen on putting people’s name in the hat twice in exchange for a blog mention, but if you blog about the giveaway, and leave another comment with a link to your post, I’ll also put you in the hat for this bead:

All right, let’s see how this goes *G* I’ll draw names on the 22nd October, so check back then.


Tomorrow is the start of the Etsy Frit-Happens Forum Team Giveaway (wow, that’s a lot of capital letters), where you could win some really beautiful prizes. The full details will be posted tomorrow, so check the FHFTeam blog on Monday for the start, but here’s a sneak peek of the array of prizes,

Prizes from the FHFTeam

Anyway, in honour of this, this edition of Sunday browsing features offerings from the FHFTeam that are a little…unusual, whether they’re sculptural pieces, or just weirdly cool.

First is this from steampunkglass. Dude. It’s a Rocket Ship necklace. Not only beautifully coloured and very pretty, it’s also great for when you’re bored on the train; just fly it around in your hand going ‘Zoom!’, and pretending you’re the commander of a teeny starship. Awesome.

Beautiful deep red boro glass forms the basis for these stunning red lips earrings by flyingbead. The curve and colour of them reminds me very much of seaside rock candies – I think if I bought these, I wouldn’t be able to resist a sneaky lick, just to see if they taste as good as they look:

Another tribute to the kiln fairy feared and honoured by lampworkers. This one by HelenPetersBeads is adorable, but it looks like it wouldn’t do you or your glass any good to cross him:

Isn’t this bead by kibitz pretty? You’re probably wondering why I’ve included it in my quirkly glass edition. Well, I’m too embarassed to go into the details, but go read the description, and you’ll figure it out. Hopefully. Please don’t come back here for an explanation if you don’t *G* (Slightly mature).

This necklace by nemeton is officially the tenth ugliest one in the world (according to the judges at the Ugly Necklace Competition), and features the fugliest lampwork beads that could be found. I’m happy to report that the next year, nemeton managed to reach the dizzying heights of the number one Ugliest Necklace. If you look at her other work in the shop, you’ll be amazed that a single beader has the talent for both extreme fugliness, and delicate beauty.

I had to include this Lil Bit by bykeira. So much emotion and character is jammed into a tiny lampwork hamster that I have the urge to make him his own little home out of a matchbox; there’s no way I could push a headpin through him and string him up *G*

Yes, I’m doing a giveaway. Here’s the prize:

Ten handmade polymer clay coin beads (but the little wooden drawer is mine, sorry)

All you actually need to do to enter is this: tell me what your favourite flowers is in the comments field below. But if you’d like to sign up to my mailing list here, that’d be really great, as would you following my blog, or spreading the word around :D

I’ll do a random-number drawing on the 2nd of September for the winner.

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