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Here are days 5 & 6 of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge (go here to see the details). I’m now trying out Pencil Madness, which takes some getting used to, but gives some really cool effects – found through Jolene from Kitzbitz Art Glass who is joining in the challenge too!

Best friend:


Favourite Book Character: This was was so much harder, since most of my favourite book characters wouldn’t look very exciting when drawn, so I just chose Anderson’s Little Mermaid (um, before she turned to sea foam…). She apparently uses bunches of bananas as her bra instead of seashells O_O

little mermaid


So, this month I’m:

taking part in Camp NanNoWriMo, where I’ll be trying to reach 30,000 words by the end of April (3,000 down so far);

taking the free Gender Through Comic Books course;

trying to replenish my polymer clay bead stock.

So of course I decided I had to join in the 30 Day Drawing Challenge too, nabbed from Further Dispatches and The Blarg. Care to join me? I’m starting late, but it’s too fun not to try!


Here are days 1-4, drawn in PS Elements *Edit, no they’re not, had to default to MS Paint :P * with a mouse (hence the craposity). Oh, and when it talks about favourites, I’m actually just going to draw something I like drawing, because choosing favourites makes me sad for the other things.





Cake (vegan!)

vegan cake

A random meadow


I’m not actually this bad at drawing with a RL pen, I have to add: my suckitude is marginally less anyway.


This blog has had a little identity crisis for a few months – it’s technically a blog from Continuum Designs Beads, and yet sometimes I like to write about other topics completely different from jewellery. Ever since I moved my blog over to my site. I’ve felt wary of posting non-business related posts, but to be honest that’s meant a severe lack of updates here!

So here’s the deal – I will start posting about everything I love again, but I’ll make sure they’re tagged separately from the bead news. That way if there’s something you don’t agree with, or that you are bored by, you know to skip those entries :)

All that build-up now leads up to a lowly link-share – it’s adorable though, so I hope it’s worth it.

Written? Kitten! – a little online program that rewards you for writing. For everyone who needs motivation to finish a blog entry/article/college essay, this clever gadget will show you a kitten picture every time you complete a set number of words – who wouldn’t be motivated by that? :D


Inspired by Brandi’s post on her favourite WordPress plugins, I’m putting up some of the most helpful widgets and plugins I use, along with a quick explanation.


Blogger Importer

This is must-have if you’re moving from Blogger to WordPress. It carries everything across – comments, posts, categories and pictures – and means you can continues with your blog as though you’d never moved a single page.


Blogger Redirect

If you read any marketing or small-business blogs, you may have seen the phrase ‘link juice’ (yeah, sounds completely gross to me too but nevermind) which refers to all the links or backlinks you’ve amassed for your site. Moving your blog means that your ‘link juice’ (seriously, why not just call it ‘web phlegm’?) will be lost, because you’ll probably have a new site address. Blogger Redirect does what you’d expect – redirects all the links to your blog and its posts to your new site, and all you have to do is add a snippet of code to your Blogger template (warning – this means you’ll lose your Blogger settings, so make sure you’re finished with your old blog before doing this)


Comment Reply Widget (found on Brandi’s post first)

How often do you leave a comment on a blog, and never go back to see if there’s a reply? It’s one of the reasons I still prefer forums to blogs: a forum collects together all the different topics in one place, allowing you to return easily to a conversation. But this handy little widget means that if you leave a comment on a blog with this installed, you’ll get a notification as soon as your comment receives a reply – letting a chat continue, yay!


Little update – there an interview with me up at Beading Arts so if you fancy seeing what I’m going on about now, click the link :D


Notice anything different?

Yes, I’ve tackled the off-putting and convoluted world of WordPress – so welcome to the new version of All Those Things and the Others Too aka my blog! Yay! It’s not actually that hard to use (I bet as you read that last line, the whole website starts flashing purple and breaks down) as long as you don’t mind googling for an answer to your questions *G*


Have you heard of the FHFTeam on Etsy? It’s an awesome team comprising members of the Frit-Happens forum, and is designed to promote handmade glass art, glassy objects, beads, and jewellery in Europe. For the last year (give or take) I’ve been writing blog content and admin with other members here (the slightly weird Designs Ideas posts are mine *G*).

I’m pleased to announce a new feature that starts today, and which is written by Lynn Davy (you may have seen her name attached to many magazine tutorials). The purpose of the posts will be to help readers learn ways to use handmade lampwork, glass and components in their jewellery, and Lynn has done a fantastic job on the first post. So please go and have a look – the blog also has a handy set of glossaries, a guide to finding quality lampwork, and a whole heap of eye-candy!

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