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First things: I’ve had a lot of Bead Soup lately, and I still have quite a few helpings left to go! I had to take a bit of time off the computer, so I haven’t managed to go round all the blogs, but I’m trying to work in little bits to get to them all. So if you get a comment in the middle of June about your Bead Soup piece(s), it’s just me *G*

Second things: I’ve set up a few ‘pages’ at the top of the blog that are commentless versions of some posts I thought needed a more prominent link, like an FAQ, and the Vegan Craft Supplies list. Speaking of that, I’m always looking for suggestions about products that need to be checked, particularly because I’m not a multi-crafter, and don’t know all the supplies needed for some crafts. There’s a link for where to leave a comment in the page at the top (and I’ll give you credit for the lead as a thanks)

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