A quick peek at what I’ve been playing around with in polymer clay. I’ve been trying to get the rustic, acrylic paint effect my own way – rustic and organic styles baffle me (in that I’m never sure if I’m doing them right!) but here are the results.

First up: Kites! I suddenly one day thought, “Oooh, kites.” So here they are:


And now…something else. They’re tea cups. Really. I thought they had some sort of rustic, quirky appeal, like ceramic charms:



10 Responses to Kites and Teacups (man, I rule at coming up with clever titles, don’t I?)

  1. Gillian says:

    Adorable! I especially like the teacups.

  2. Kites and teacups. What fun pieces!

  3. Monique U says:

    Kites were a favourite in my childhood. Dad wasn’t the “outdoors type” but flying kites was one pastime he loved to share with his two little girls. Thanks for sharing your cute creations!

  4. Thanks for sharing your latest creations, the tea cups are cute I dont know what size they are but can easily see them as earrings.
    Thanks again Siân :0)

  5. Moe says:

    Super duper! The teacups are cute but i love the kites! You did good, kiddo! :)

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