Inspired by Brandi’s post on her favourite WordPress plugins, I’m putting up some of the most helpful widgets and plugins I use, along with a quick explanation.


Blogger Importer

This is must-have if you’re moving from Blogger to WordPress. It carries everything across – comments, posts, categories and pictures – and means you can continues with your blog as though you’d never moved a single page.


Blogger Redirect

If you read any marketing or small-business blogs, you may have seen the phrase ‘link juice’ (yeah, sounds completely gross to me too but nevermind) which refers to all the links or backlinks you’ve amassed for your site. Moving your blog means that your ‘link juice’ (seriously, why not just call it ‘web phlegm’?) will be lost, because you’ll probably have a new site address. Blogger Redirect does what you’d expect – redirects all the links to your blog and its posts to your new site, and all you have to do is add a snippet of code to your Blogger template (warning – this means you’ll lose your Blogger settings, so make sure you’re finished with your old blog before doing this)


Comment Reply Widget (found on Brandi’s post first)

How often do you leave a comment on a blog, and never go back to see if there’s a reply? It’s one of the reasons I still prefer forums to blogs: a forum collects together all the different topics in one place, allowing you to return easily to a conversation. But this handy little widget means that if you leave a comment on a blog with this installed, you’ll get a notification as soon as your comment receives a reply – letting a chat continue, yay!


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