From the monthly archives: June 2012

When I was at university, I was addicted to hot chocolate from the cafeteria (oh yeah, I knew how to party….. mild style) but since a lot of the sweet, chocolately kind of cocoa has whey or some type of lactose or milk powder in them, I had to put a stop to my hot chocolate habit. It was a sad time. A sad, liquid-chocolate deprived time. I tried boiling pure, unadulterated cocoa powder in hot soy milk, but it turns out that while yummy in cakes, it has a pure, unadulterated taste of burnt dirt when made into a drink. (Okay, maybe I should have added sugar next time, but if *you* drank boiled dirt, would you want to try boiled, sweetened dirt next time on the off-chance it was better? I would not, and did not)

But the realisation came a month ago when I got gifted a box of chocolate Oatly. Arghgmamamwyum. Chocolate Oatly, meet microwave, and become that which you were always meant to be; a delicious mug of joy and happiness. The pinnacle of human genius. Chocolate…that you can drink!


So yes. Try chocolate Oatly if you miss hot chocolate, and like me, did not think of this glaringly obvious solution :D


You’re a jewellery-making addict if:

You try to make more beads out of anything that can have a hole drilled in it (here’s a time-saver tip for you – walnut shells don’t make good beads. Ask me how I know…)

Your partner/roomate/cat hears a rattling noise in the night, and knows that it’s just you combing greedily through your bead stash by the light of the moon.

The plans for your dream house include a two-story bead studio, but the plan for the ‘kitchen’ is a microwave on top of a mini-fridge.

The local bead shop owner is your designated emergency contact on medical information

You find jumprings in your hair (true story – *shrug* I have big hair) , crimps in your cereal, and seed beads down the side of your bra.

Whenever you’re shopping for a new bag, you make sure there’s enough room inside for a set of jewellery-making pliers and a bead box.

In Lord of the Rings, you most identifed with Gollum and his totally reasonalbe love for a pretty, shiny object



Got any more to add? Put them below :)




Notice anything different?

Yes, I’ve tackled the off-putting and convoluted world of WordPress – so welcome to the new version of All Those Things and the Others Too aka my blog! Yay! It’s not actually that hard to use (I bet as you read that last line, the whole website starts flashing purple and breaks down) as long as you don’t mind googling for an answer to your questions *G*


You buy a much-longed for polymer clay extruder. After you’ve worked out how to use it and put it all together, the first thing you do is:

a). get to work on all those fabulous extruded clay tutorials that are all over the internet

b). invent a brilliant and innovative new way of using this great tool to make awesome beads


c). produce a kick-ass wig for your finger and make it headbang to punk-rock

If you answered c). then you have my deepest sympathies, because you share my affliction

Now it’s a pirate!

I do actually have other non-pathetic news though – here are new beads now in the shop:

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