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Just thinking aloud, because I’ve been dreaming of a vegan craft and art supply store again ;D. I did my best to find out from the manufacturers of quite a few products whether their products were vegan, trying to give a clear deifnition of what exactly I was asking, but here is the sticking point for me: I’m not a chemist. I am woefully underinformed about what animal by-products are likely be used, or may be reasonablely expected to be used, during the production of materials like these. So I have to rely on the word of each companies’ spokesperson (who were very helpful by the way), who may or may not know the complete ingredient list.


Facebook questions:

Favourite wildflowers
Favourite bead shape

Blog posts

Bead curtain – doesn’t have to be door length. Bead suncatcher

How to display treasured beads.


Why are beads so satisfying? What’s so fascinating about them that they’ve been part of human culture for so long, even to the point of acting as currency? I know some of the theories behind wearing jewellery, but for me, and for others, I know, one of the pleasures is *having* the beads, not adorning oneself with them.

Personally, I don’t wear jewellery often, and the rare times I do, I choose a simple bracelet with some beads I really love – that way, I get to look at them whilst I’m wearing them (I’ve tried doing that with a necklace, but looking down into your own cleavage in public places causes quite a number of raised-eyebrows.)  To be honest, I’d be happy with carrying a handful of much-loved beads around in my pocket and occasionally looking at them (I make no apologies for this, because you probably want to do it too)

So here’s where I’d love your opinions; why do you like beads? I’ll start off with a few of my own:

The pocket thing: let’s face it, jingling some beads in your pocket is just as satisfying a sound as jangling some solid gold coins for making you feel like a wealthy pirate.

The Scrooge McDuck thing: you can sit in a large pile of beads, throw them up over yourself, and swim through them, at a fraction of the cost of Scrooge’s money vault.

The sparkly thing: seriously, has anyone ever said ‘I don’t like things that sparkle’? I don’t think so. It’s impossible.

The Gollum thing: knowing you have a stash of pretty little treasures to covet is irresistible.

Your turn….

(“Relaunch? I didn’t know it had been unlaunched!”)

Technically, I’m relaunching my bead site today – the shopping cart had been down, and I didn’t know (I hardly ever buy beads from myself…) but yesterday I noticed something was off with the site, so I did a check of everything, and yep, something was wrong.


It’s all better now, and to celebrate, I’m giving a 10% discount on order from now until 17th August 2011, yay! Just enter CD1011 in the code box at checkout to get the offer.

Also, now added is a currency converter at the top of every page, for pounds, euros and dollars, for extra ease.


I have something embarassing to reveal…

I made a Facebook business page yesterday. I resisted so long, because I never truly ‘got’ Facebook (well, that’s still true) but I wanted another way to connect with people so, here it is. I uploaded quite a lot of eye-candy and I think I may try out some sort of poll later this week (daring, aren’t I? *G*) so ‘Likes’ are very welcome!

Also embarassing: I bought new shoes from The Vegan Store and they’re not of a practical nature. I couldn’t help it – they were on sale, and vegan, and green, and strappy, you try resisting!

Have a look at the totally impractical shoes here

I have no idea where I’m going to wear them, considering most of the stuff I do is better suited for trainers or slip-on shoes. It’s also brought my current number of shoe/boot pairs up to six, which seems a scandalous amount of shoes to own *G*


Freeee…it’s a good word. So good I put it in the title of new tutorial I made!

Free choker necklace tutorial

Yes, that *is* my long-winded way of saying that I’ve posted a copper wire jewellery (or jewelry) tutorial on my site. And that it’s free.


Last week I received my copies of the August 2011 Polymer Cafe, and eagerly opened one up, and I’m in it! Granted, I submitted a tutorial to them, but I like to see it in print before I count it *G*.

Here’s the topic of the tutorial:

Sugar Sweet Bangles

Sugar Candy Bracelet

If anyone ever makes one of these, I’d love to see it!

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