Just a few signs that you probably think too much about polymer clay:

You snap your glasses and try to mend the bridge with a snake of metallic gold polymer clay before it occurs to you to get them mended at, y’know, the opticians.

You catch sight of your latest blue-to-purple Skinner blend and your immediate thought is, “That is so sexy…”

You condition polymer clay in one hand while you’re reading/watching TV/eating/in the bath (okay, I’ve never done that last one).

You pick up a magazine you haven’t read for 3 months, and find an actual skinner blend tucked between the pages (sidenote: you wouldn’t believe how much plasticizer had leeched off into the paper!)

Other signs of Polymer Clay Addiction


6 Responses to Addicted to the clay stuff

  1. Louise says:

    Lol – I love the thought of you finding a skinner blend stuck in your magazine! By the way, huuuuge congrats on your piece in Making Jewellery – how fab is that?! And as it's your gorgeous poppies, I'm very tempted to have a go – although I wouldn't hold your breath about the results, my beads are basic at best, and I've never had the patience to even attempt a cane! x

  2. Hazel Ward says:

    Hee, I was a bit shocked to see the blend there! Then of course, I had to spend ages trying to get it back to a useable state, because I hate to waste good clay *G*

    Thank you re: the tutorial. I hope you do have a go, I'd love to see it (and btw, I loved the polymer clay pieces you made at Xmas – not basic at all!)

  3. Louise says:

    Thank you, Hazel! Doesn't seem much that's very clever about using a cutter and some glitter compared with your canes, though. I really need a pasta machine that actually works before I have a go, unfortunately! :(

  4. Hazel Ward says:

    Lol, anything can sound 'unclever' when you say it like that Louise – my canes could be called slotting clay shapes together! But making glittery beads look good like yours did is a skill in itself.

  5. LOL! I think many of the same things but not with polymer clay. I tried to fix my husband's glass by riveting them (total failure).

  6. Hazel Ward says:

    lol, oh dear – I can just imagine an army of jewellery artists (and their partners) with riveted glasses, if only that idea had worked. I kind of wish it had – it has design potential!

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