Happy New Year everyone!

And now:

Practical Polymer Clay Tips

And here are some of mine, that come purely from my experiences with polymer clay. Many polymer clay artists have incredibly insightful tips scattered all over the internet; I do not. I just have these *G*

  • If you like to use sparkly, shimmery dust of any kind (mica, flakes etc.) designate one whole day “Sparkly Day” and do nothing else that day. No matter how hard you clean, how strenuously you scrub, the sparkles WILL get everywhere – your clay, your hands, your significant other’s work clothes. Best to accept this, and embrace it to the fullest.

  • My favourite working surface is a cermaic tile (floor, bathroom or kitchen), as they’re generally smooth, grip the clay well without grabbing it too much, and can be popped straight in the oven, which helps keep flat components from being distorted by transferring them. DIY shops may have offcuts, or wait until you’re getting your bathroom re-tiled, and ask for leftovers from the nice builders *G*

  • Always have hand-wipes nearby; some colours bleed very easily, to the point that their colour can be transferred to the next one you use. A quick wipe of your hands solves any problems beforehand.

  • Don’t burn it, don’t eat it, and don’t mix it with anything that will be toxic if baked. Other than that, experiment! Mix in herbs, pencil shavings, fragments of sweetie papers, bits of grated, cured scrap beads. Dip it in vegan gravy, stain it with tea, roll it in sea salt. You might get a few fugly test beads, but you’ll never again have to wonder if baking beads suspended on dry spaghetti is a good idea (I ran out of cocktail sticks).

Check out the post that gave birth to some of these tips here: http://allthosethingsandtheotherstoo.blogspot.com/2009/06/polymer-clay-addiction.html

More tips will be forthcoming (when I erm…discover them *G*)


3 Responses to Polymer Clay Tips

  1. So what does happen when the clay is dipped in vegan gravy then? !!

  2. Hazel Ward says:

    Hehe…give me a few hours, and I'll get back to you on that…

  3. louise says:

    Lol – you're so right about the sparkles, we seem to have been wearing glitter for weeks (much to DH's dismay). It even gets into the bed (which explains why I always seem to be wearing yet more glitter when I wake up!) Hurray for sparkle, that's what I say! ;D

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