From the monthly archives: October 2010

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine what people’s beads or jewellery reflect about them.

Imagine the lampworker who does immaculate, complex stringer work. Or the ceramics artist who forms organic, fluid pieces full of imperfections. The person who sculpts birds and flowers from polymer clay. You’d come away with different impressions of them all based on the work they produce.

What’s even more interesting though, is that the artistic impression is sometimes *miles* removed from their real personality. It’s as though what comes out in their work is what they can’t/won’t/don’t want to convey in other parts of their lives.

And because every post is better with things to look at too, here’s something fun I’ve been doing (admittedly, my definition of fun has toned-down a lot over the years *G*) For the FHFTeam event I wanted to make something funky to show of prizes, so I wandered around Picassa for a while and (Photoshop for people who can’t afford Photoshop/didn’t get it free on their computer, dammit), and played with the ‘Collage’ function; the result was that I’ve been playing with making a pretend catalogue for my beads, of the sort you can download from on-line bead shops:
For some reason, grouping a lot of pictures all together in one place makes them look a tiny bit better than before. Yay.

A variation on previous themes; lampworked sculptural creatures, therefore, also tiny animals!

LandSArts is famous for her beautiful rendition of lampwork animals and ethereal fairies of all types, and that isn’t a shock when you look at a piece such as her Arabian Knight pendant; I adore the way she’s represented and heightened the delicate curve in the neck distinctive to Arab horses, as well as the curious expression on his/her face
The first thing I thought when I saw SUZANNEGLASS’s boro dolphin was how it seems like the colours and properties of boro glass give the effect of the sea and brightly coloured sea plants are reflected within him/her. That’s a pretentious way of saying there’s a fabulous rainbow running through.  
glassroger has such an incredible array of stunnning sea creatures in his Etsy that I couldn’t decide which to show; so I picked none of them, and went for this gorgeous pair of swan beads worked in soft pink. Look at that clever extra touch added by photographing them on a dark reflective surface; there they go, swimming towards each other,
Greg’s a slug. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be fabulous. In fact, he’s so fabulous he has a cubic zirconia embedded in his back half.
Certainly explains why his eyes are so bugged-out. 
(Seriously, genschi’s lampwork slug is one of the cuddliest glass beads I’ve ever seen) 
Good grief. Geminiglassworks’ turtles are so adorable that you can’t look directly at them, lest you be blinded by dazzling cuteness.
Hang on though – TGBeads’ little bear might just challenge the last pick for OMGCUTENESS!!!111!! (I got a Distinction in Fan Speak from the anime fandom)
I can’t stop clicking on the link to look at him. He’s tiny and perfect and looks like he needs a friend.

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