From the monthly archives: December 2009

I’ve been trying out more bead types in polymer clay: at the moment I’m addicted to bicones, because they’re kinda fun to form (I mean, when is swirling a glass tile manically on top of a ball of clay ever NOT fun?). So far I’ve added a few embellishments to these beads, but I’m not sure about them – they may look too embellished.

Here’s an example:


The gold dots on this type of bead have so far passed my stress tests: these include bouncing test bead on floor, and flicking at the dots with my fingernail, so I’m hopeful that this style will eventually make it to my Etsy shop.


Hey! It’s December the First. I have to keep reminding myself that this means there is officially no longer a barrier between me and the run up to Christmas Day. Oooh, and also, eeek. I’m going to try to enjoy things this year, rather than thinking I have to get a these chores done before I run out of energy.

As for other things: I made my first leaf cane in polymer clay today, and it turned out quite nice. The only problem is, I have no idea how to make use of it. I’m always amazed by polymer clay beads that are liberally decorated with leaf and flower canes, and butterflies etc. but in practice, it’s not something I particularly do myself. For some reason, I want to be able to make the canes just to say I can, which means I have a lot of random canes and no beads. Hmph.

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