From the monthly archives: November 2009

I was making some long bi-cone beads from polymer clay, because the elegance of that shape in lampwork beads is gorgeous. But while I’m making them, I realised that these beads looked more interesting and quirkier with a curve through them (hee, yep that’s right, I arrived at this conclusion through meticulous research. It’s not like, you know, I accidentally squashed one and thought it looked cool. Nope.)

So these are some simple versions, in my Etsy shop now. Next step, more caning experiments on them.


In other news – and note my apparent casualness, despite being in paroxysms of self-doubt – a line of my beads are in an on-line bead shop. One that isn’t my own Etsy shop! You can see them at Big Bead, Little Bead Shop
It’s a really cool bead site anyway, with helpful gadgets and lovely vintage beads.


Although my main shop is on etsy, when I first wanted to set up shops I did what a lot of people seemed to do, and registered my name with practically every online craft venue! So rather than leaving them dormant, I’ve made over my Misi shop into a place for my mother to sell her hand-knitted scarves.

Hand-knitted Scarves on Misi

I know I’m biased, but I love her scarves: I already have seven, so I’m running out of neck!

On a side note, this made me realize how much easier it is to sell someone else’s work. I had no problems writing descriptions, or posting about the scarves on forums. Maybe it’s because I didn’t see all the work that went into it, all the self-doubt; it drove it home that other people probably won’t notice all those things we see as imperfect, and so we should just be confident about our work.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? So hard in practice though!


I’ve been busy trying to finally set up my Artfire studio to accompany my Etsy shop, as well as making new beads for said shop, but it’s not been a co-operative day. My computer is funny about flash and javascript, and for some reason was extra objectionable about them today, and whilst I was waiting for it to load, I managed to sand off the design on my latest caned beads. I’m pretty sure ‘giant white splodge in the middle’ will not be successful as a design feature.

I managed to take a photo of some beads I made a week ago though!

Scarf-esque pattern beads

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