From the monthly archives: June 2009

If you’re obsessed with polymer clay, you WILL:

find a sudden proliferation of colourful splodges on the bottom of all your shoes,

look at random objects and immediately think, “A new way to texture clay! Awesome!”

have a pasta-machine cranking arm like Popeye,

flaunt a permanent mica sheen on your skin

think people are weird for using Polymer Clay Conditioners to make pasta,

worry that you have a lot of bruises, until you realise you accidentally stuck your elbow into a heap of blue scrap clay last night,

have more blades than a surgeon,

know what it tastes like (or maybe that’s just me…honestly, it WAS an accident),

cover 90% of small objects in your house in polymer clay sheets

believe that one day, a polymer clay house will be made. And it will rock.


Spent most of the day putting polymer clay beads in, and then taking them out of, the oven, and wow, there are some quite variable results.

For one thing, caning still eludes me. Or rather, actually making the canes is okay, I’m progressing with that, but making the jump from a cane to a bead-with-cane decoration…that’s not so okay. So at the moment I’ve got a bunch of canes that will probably sit for days until I decide they will be prettier as scrap swirl lentil beads and have a fit of smooshing and swirling.

For another, bright, bright colours scare me. I tried to overcome the fear by making orange and yellow striped beads, but that experiment failed when I removed them from the oven and flinched. They’re not bad beads, but gosh, are they bright. So very…very…bright.

But that’s the thing about polymer clay. It’s so, so fun to play around with and perform experiments on (mwhahaha) and even if the end results look weird, at least you got to pummel squidgy stuff for a while :D


Well, here’s a proper inaugural post:

I love making Treasuries on Etsy – it’s like making a personalised window display – but they of course always expire too soon! So, here’s a selection of lovely things on the theme of Women in Art, featuring art by or about women, because they deserve to be seen as much as possible. (Edit: I don’t mean *women* deserve to be seen as much as possible, I mean this art does. Oh, you knew what I meant.)
A Year’s Time by J Downey: the expression on the figure’s face is just so tranquil.
No Juliet by K M Watkins: a less tragic, more empowering end to a classic.
The Ride by Pam Reinke: joyous and carefree.
Women Graduate by adelaise: portrays an important moment.
A Womyn in Question by giovannacoraggio: this woman’s expression is simply captivating.
Camouflage by mookiejones: no, it’s not a metaphor for women’s studies (well, I guess it could be if you perform a metaphorical squint, I don’t know), but it’s painted by a woman, and it’s stunning.
The Vote by meop808: a wonderful moment in history.
Rosa in Blue by Victoria Webb: wistful and melancholy.

Please go see them :D

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